Friday, November 13, 2009

All About Me!

Hi! My name is DeAnna and I am a Romance Consultant with Brown Bag Party.In my opinion THE best in home romance party in the business. Here is my story.

I started with BBP late December 08. Thankfully I did choose BBP then because my husband got laid off on January 2,2009. We have a mortage,2 small kids and 2 car payments so making money is a priority in our home.

I hosted my own party in October 2008 and had such a great time.I never thought I could do anything like that but it sure did look like fun! I had some friends book parties from my original show and so of course being the great friend I am I attended. The more parties I went to the more I liked the business. And I loved the products!

So it took me from October 08-Dec 08 to join. I signed up and ordered my kit.I got the smallest one because it being after the holidays money was tight.But I figured tax returns were right around the corner so I can add more to my kit then.And I did.

I had an open house at my home in mid Jan.I only had a few people show up but I did get some orders.A guest of a guest,someone I had never met before booked a party with me for Feb! I was so excited! And scared!

So I did Mindy's Brown Bag Party.She had about 20 guests there,people I had never met before.But after I stumbled thru my presentation I started taking orders.WOW! They were rushing to get to me to order!I had money and order forms and checks flying everywhere! It was great!!!

My first Brown Bag Party was over $500 in sales! And I did get a few bookings from the party as well. I took my hubby out for pizza the next day and paid all by myself! That may not seem like a major thing but when you are a Mom without any income for a while it IS a big thing!

I have had quite a few parties since then and while I am not making oodles of money I am doing okay.I love what I do and have met some wonderful people anlong the way.People who I will consider friends for life.

Enough of my ramblings for today. I will try to post again as soon as I can.But being a Wife and Mommy to 2 toddlers I dont get much time to myself. I wish everyone a happy and healthy day!!!

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