Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brown Bag Party

I am excited to announce several new things happening with Brown Bag Party, and the awesome offers just for you.As a representative, you don't have to lug the store around, just carry your business kit and a smile. Brown Bag Party pays 50% commission, no matter what kit you earn/purchase. Company Paid Hostess Program. Sales Bonus. Trip Incentives. You're qualified from day one, no quotas or qualification periods. Vestment Program - YES, you can retire. And so much more. Brown Bag Party has a GENEROUS Hostess plan and extra incentives. Our hostesses can earn 20% in of the party sales in FREE product with a qualifying party of $250 or more. This is one of the highest paying hostess rewards program in our industry and is entirely company paid. You can also offer half priced items for their party sales and bookings. Our Hostesses can even earn Vacation Vouchers for airfare or hotel. These great incentives will make them want to have a party with you.Share the opportunity & Teach Others to Do What You Do~ 50% commission on your personal retail sales no matter what kit you start out with! ~ 5% commission on all your personally sponsored recruit's retail sales down three levels.~ 6 levels of Downline Commissions for those who want to recruit, we offer override commissions down 6 levels and commission roll-up through infinity. ~ Car bonus - Hit this bonus and BBP will pay your car payment every month you qualify, up to $600/mo. ~ No Quotas/No Territories - your customers can be nationwide.~ Sales Bonuses - Earn up to 5% more on your monthly sales.~ Take Credit Cards- we can process your customer's cards for you.~ Direct to Customer Shipping - we are one of the few companies that offers a direct-to-customer shipping option. This means you never have to sort, pack, ship, or deliver merchandise. ~ 10% Matching Bonus- earn even more as you grow your team.Wanna get your kit for FREE? Host a party or do a catalog show and use your hostess credits towards the purchase of your kit. Already with another company? Switch to Brown Bag Party and receive a kit valued at over $600 for only $89. Contact me today and I'll help you get started with support from the best team in the company - no matter where you are located! DeAnna Horakwww.brownbagparty.com/u/deanna 724-220-5008

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